Roger Wolfson J.D., M.A.

Roger Wolfson is a TV and film writer, an attorney, and speechwriter.

Roger Wolfson, from time to time, takes on writing clients who he believes have enough promise and enough drive to succeed. As his commitment to the Los Angeles community and to the power of the field of entertainment are evident, his goal is to help writers not only find their most authentic voice, but to create features, pilots, spec scripts, and pitches that reflect the very best of what Hollywood represents.   

Because of his Masters from Johns Hopkins in Writing, he is also available to provide guidance on short stories, novels, and non-fiction.

Having studied with Roger, I cannot recommend him highly enough. He offers a master class that will get you to do the best writing of your life. His no-holds-barred sessions will help you shake bad habits, tune-up fundamental skills and include wisdom you will not find in any classes or screenwriting books. And when you are struggling, you will be fueled by his unyielding passion and high standards.”

— Darren Bernstein, former litigator at Skadden Arps, former White Collar Investigative Counsel for Lehman Brothers

Roger Wolfson is one of my favorite people to practice a killer pitch on or share new scripts with for a fresh eye on your work. He’s insightful, honest and understands the process of what people want to hear and see.”

— Deborah M. Pratt, executive producer and showrunner of the TV series The Net (USA Network) and Quantum Leap (NBC)

I’ve been writing for 20 years, and I still run every script I write by Roger Wolfson. He’s a seasoned scribe who not only knows all the tricks, he knows how to articulate them in a way that sticks. Writers new and experienced would benefit from his guidance.”

— Aaron Mendelsohn, writer of the Air Bud series of movies, former Member of the Writers Guild Board of Directors

Roger Wolfson lives by his principles. When he is passionate or excited about a political cause or a performer, he invites everyone he knows to his home to discuss the cause or share in the wonder of the performance. And he does it for free! As a writing consultant, in addition to helping a writer refine his or her craft, Roger has a bigger goal which I applaud: to encourage writers to create commercial entertainments that also SAY something. There is nothing more rewarding for the writer, and nothing more enriching for us.”

— Tom Schulman, Academy-Award screenwriter of Dead Poets Society, Former Vice President of the Writers Guild

Before I met Roger, I was confident in how to write, but I lacked a reason why I should write. I used to pursue whatever high concept ideas came to mind, but Roger taught me to unearth an emotional core, a thesis that I wanted to prove, and then he showed me how to turn that into a standout story. Roger didn’t accept anything less than the most emotionally resonant idea I had. Along each step of the writing process, he was there to guide me back to my original intention whenever I digressed and to challenge me to write the best story I was capable of.”

— Clay Prietch, Recent College Graduate and Screenwriter

Roger’s evaluations are pointed, concise and coupled with suggested solutions. He responds with breathtaking speed without diminishing the merit of his commentary. His focus is clear: inducing the writer to produce a commercially viable script. And unlike most consultants who aver without hesitancy and without practical experience, Roger has the street cred to validate his opinions.”

— Dr. Michael Madden, Clinical Director of the New York Hospital-Cornell Burn Center, Author of “The Seesaw Syndrome”